A project to package up loose code


There is a lot of good Common Lisp code floating around, but on closer inspection you notice problems. Some of the code was written for old versions of Common Lisp and is incompatible with modern implementations. Most of the code uses somewhat idiosyncratic installation methods, which can be a headache to deal with. In fact, it was such a headache that asdf and asdf-install became popular. It's great to be able to install something with a simple function call.

Unfortunately, the people who wrote most of the code floating around didn't make it asdf-installable. The goal of this project is to find good code with an open source license and make it asdf-installable.

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All our software can be installed with asdf-install. Here are the packages we maintain:

Package name Description Download link
memoize Memoization of functions memoize-latest.tar.gz (PGP signature)
xml-emitter Simply and efficiently emitting XML, especially RSS 2.0 xml-emitter-latest.tar.gz (PGP signature)
text-query Text-based querying of the user, similar to y-or-n-p and yes-or-no-p. text-query-latest.tar.gz (PGP signature)
SERIES The SERIES facility that didn't quite make it into Common Lisp series-latest.tar.gz (PGP signature)
psgraph Generating pretty PostScript pictures of directed acyclic graphs psgraph-latest.tar.gz (PGP signature)
MT19937 A portable Mersenne Twister random number generator mt19937-latest.tar.gz (PGP signature)
parse-number Defines functions to parse any number type, without using the reader. parse-number-latest.tar.gz (PGP signature)
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